Cash Flow Strategies

Maga Financial Associates works closely with each client to ensure that they will be able to maintain their lifestyle through major life events and expenses.

We take the long view, and develop multi-year cash flow models in which short- and long-term expenditures such as tax payments, the purchase of a new home or car, children’s education, the elimination of debt, etc., are anticipated and appropriately funded. For those nearing retirement, we apply a variety of financial tests to determine whether they will be able to maintain their current lifestyle and, if not, we develop a prudent strategy so that they can.

Most financial firms focus almost exclusively on managing a client’s current investments. Nothing wrong with that, as far as it goes; but we’ve found that a family’s future is best assured by taking a much broader view—one that includes examining every major financial decision and its long-term consequences, including the Opportunity Cost of that decision. (“Opportunity Cost,” of course, is a calculation that considers not only the present value of a dollar spent or paid in taxes, but also the interest income that dollar could have earned if it had been saved and invested.)

Schedule your free, personal consultation and financial analysis with Maga Financial Associates today. We’ll help you make more efficient financial decisions to reduce your avoidable Wealth Transfers—taxes and interest expenses—which means more dollars stay in your pocket. You’ll be surprised at how those dollars can add up to a significant amount of money over time.

Let’s look at a simple example:

Assumptions: Your Gross Income is $100,000; you save 5% of that and spend the rest on current expenses.

$100,000 Gross Income
– $5,000 Savings
$95,000 Annual Expenses/Cash Flow

Suppose we could show you how you could reduce your Annual Expenses by just 1% ($95,000 x 1% = $950.00).

That would be equivalent to earning a risk-free 19% return on your current $5,000 annual savings ($950 = $5,000 x 19%). And that’s in addition to whatever other income your $5,000 savings earns in the course of the year.

What if we were able to find 2%, 3%, 5%, or more in annual expenses you could eliminate without reducing your lifestyle or deferring important purchases? Think of how much money we could put back in your pocket then.

It’s not rocket science; it’s smart cash flow management—and that’s our specialty. Interested? We thought so. Schedule your personal appointment and financial analysis now, either online or by calling us at 847-920-9680. Remember, your consultation and financial analysis are free and, of course, there’s no obligation.