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In 2003 Dan retired after spending 38 years in the computer industry. Knowing that I couldn’t play golf every day, I had to find something constructive to keep myself busy. Looking for a safe place to store my money, and generate income, I got involved in ‘safe money’ retirement strategies. What I learned was very eye opening and disconcerting since it was contrary to what my traditional financial people were telling me. I wanted to share what I learned with others who might have been mislead, as I had been.

I became a part of a growing group of professionals from across the country who are deeply concerned about the direction in which we are headed and the challenges that we are facing financially. This group is dedicated to informing and educating the public regarding the follies of traditional financial thinking. This group includes attorneys, CPA’s, tax professionals, authors, financial professionals, and pension, employee benefit and retirement experts.

Wealth & Wisdom’s educational presentations focus on the impact of shifting demographics in the United States. The dramatic changes that will occur in taxation, government programs, banking, retirement programs and home ownership will affect everyone. The goal of Wealth & Wisdom is to provide more information so that consumers can make better financial decisions.

We believe it is our obligation to make this information available so you can better prepare for the future. People cannot know things if they are not aware of them. They can’t say yes or no to an opportunity if they don’t know it exists. We recognize the problems ahead of us, and that is why we have decided to become a part of the Wealth & Wisdom Institute. Please note that this is not a sales organization, but rather a professional group that believes that with more information you will be able to make better financial decisions.



Dan is the author of one book, “How to Give Your Child a 4-year College Education – Without Going Broke” (it is in it’s fourth revision and printing). Dan is an avid golfer and started shooting his age at 68 and has done this each year since. He lives in the Village of Golf – what could be more appropriate. He is the father of three boys, with Danny, his youngest, being in business with him. Besides golf, his favorite hobby is reading, mostly murder mysteries, but in the last seven years he has focused on reading anything he can on finance and economics. A number of these books are summarized on this website for your review.