Retirement Plans

Will you be able to afford the retirement you’ve always dreamed of?

Unfortunately, more and more Americans worry that they won’t be able to enjoy the retirement security that their parents—perhaps even their grandparents—were able to take for granted, just a few decades ago.

And no wonder. Between a faltering economy, volatile real estate and stock markets, demands for ever-higher taxes at the federal, state, and even local levels, skyrocketing health care (and nursing home) costs, and the upward spiral of prices for essentials like fuel, groceries, and education, a substantial percentage of today’s upper middle class—including many supposedly secure, high-earning Baby Boomers—need to ask, and answer, the following vitally important questions:

  • Do I have enough money to retire, or will I, when the time comes?
  • Will I have to work for a few more years—even, perhaps, into my 70s?
  • When I do retire, will I be able to maintain the same lifestyle I enjoy now?
  • How long will our money last…and what if it runs out?

If even thinking about these hard but necessary questions makes you uneasy, that’s good—because it probably means that you don’t like the answers, and you know that you need to do something about it.

There’s no time to lose: The decisions you make today could mean the difference between a retirement of stressful hardship to be feared, or a relaxing, well-deserved pleasure to be enjoyed.

The next step—even more important—should be to schedule a free, no-obligation appointment and complimentary financial analysis of your own, specific situation and needs.

That’s where Maga Financial Associates comes into the picture.

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