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If you knew what was going to happen in the next 3000 days do you think you could make better financial decisions?

We think so. Here is what we KNOW is going to happen:

  • Less Taxpaying Workers
  • More Retirees – More on Government Programs – More living longer
  • More Money flowing Out of 401k programs than money going in
  • Increase in Government Social Programs
  • Increasing Government Debt (not deficit)
  • Seniors selling off Stock for more Conservative (less risk) Returns
  • More Seniors downsizing their homes (condos)
  • Effects of Record Amounts of Personal Debt (Affects Everyone)
  • Increasing Taxation – Decreasing Benefits
  • Uncertainty (Market Risks, Future Taxation, Terror)

The above issues can’t be solved by buying more stocks and mutual funds!

Based on the above facts as to what is going to happen in the future, this leads us to believe that traditional financial planning is just not going to cut it. The government, because of its own actions, is now conceding that taxes must go UP in the future. Fact: Money will never be worth more than it is today. Fact: This may be the lowest tax bracket you will ever be in. If these two facts are true, and we believe they are, then the idea of saving/investing more now, so that you can pay higher taxes in the future may not be the best idea. Traditional thinking tells you to take as much of today’s money as you can and throw it as far as you can into the future – where it will have less buying power and be taxed the most. This is a game you may not want to play, but that is what you are doing when you put money into one of today’s government qualified plans (IRA, 401k, 403b, etc.).

Think about it. They (government and Wall Street) want you to put money in these qualified plans so that the money is tied up for over 10 to 15 years for you and 37 years for your children. You can’t utilize money you can’t get to, and the only way to grow your wealth effectively is to have access to your cash so that it can be utilized. You don’t think banks or companies that raise cash for their business let the money sit in the vault? NO, they put it to work to create profits. The bank knows that they need to loan (increase the velocity of money –not to be confused with investing money) that money (loan $5 to $9 for every $1 on deposit) over and over as quickly as possible to generate profits. The banks accomplish this feat without using any of their money but rather by using the money we deposited with them. Yet we are told to put our money where we can’t get to it for 15 to 37 years or more and hope it grows enough to enable us to live off the interest it might generate. Why is the financial community telling us to do something they wouldn’t do themselves, because it doesn’t benefit them if you don’t do it their way?

Traditional thinking is mired in the thought that accumulation and rates of return are two factors that will determine your future success. We believe it is far more important to understand how money works and the buying power of your dollar, and then, you can more effectively and efficiently use your money.

In traditional financial planning they are so busy selling you the products; they forget to give you the knowledge. Will the products you are asked to purchase reduce your risk, help to beat inflation, avoid taxes or eliminate penalties? If they don’t, then they may continue to feed the problem rather than address and solve the problem. Attempting to solve a problem will be difficult if all of the factors surrounding that problem are not considered. Ignoring the demographic shifts and current economic trends will simply compound the unintended consequences.

You goals should be to:

  1. Increase your money supply today and in the future
  2. Create more and better benefits
  3. Reduce the element of risk and future taxes
  4. All without spending one more dime than you are spending today.

Understanding how your money works for you, not others, is the center point in changing your thinking. We are asking you to start thinking for yourself and to prepare for these events.

You may need support and assistance when it comes to planning and fully understanding a sound financial thought process. Many professionals have the misfortune of not knowing what they should know. We have the knowledge and experience and we are willing to take the time to educate and teach you how money works. We look forward to helping you through the next 3000 days, and beyond.


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